Do you take time out to do a self-review?

If not, I encourage you to start this habit. Asking yourself the right questions is instrumental for self-improvement, growth, and progress in life. You learn how to appreciate your ability to see different perspectives and find the strength and intelligence to handle whatever comes your way in life. You develop a better sense of self-awareness and you connect to your Inner Being more easily for guidance and wisdom. A great question stimulates a great answer. Also, the better the question, the fewer questions are needed. I found out why self-questioning is such a powerful skill to have a few years ago when I got serious about my plans and goals, and I fell in love with teaching others to do the same.

Here’s an Exercise for you to do:

Sit down in a quiet place, do some deep breathing and when your mind has stilled, ask yourself a question. Keep breathing and let that infinite wisdom come forward. Write down a few of the questions that you have asked yourself, or that someone else has asked you, that have been really instrumental in helping YOU to move forward in your life. Keep a list of these questions in a journal and make a habit of asking these questions to yourself on a monthly basis when you do your life review.

My Self-review questions:

  • What makes you happy?
  • What would your ideal life look like?
  • What have you found that you’re passionate about over the years and what lights you up?
  • What do you strongly believe?
  • What are your values and morals and do you live life based on them?
  • Do you have a regular process of reassessing your ongoing goals?
  • How do you do self-reflection?
  • What are your favorite manifesting techniques?
  • What can you be grateful for, right now in this moment?
  • What do you want your partner to bring to the table and why?


You’re welcome to use these to formulate your own self-review questions. I can’t talk about the benefits enough. It’s also the best way for you to see what’s actually in your own head. So often, we have internal chatter or noise in our minds and can’t make sense of it all. Doing a regular self-questioning session will help you sort that out. No one knows yourself better than you, so you’re the perfect person to answer honestly. This also helps you to pick up where you’re compromising in life, where you’re settling for less than what you deserve or what you’re capable of. You can also use these to pinpoint what areas of your life need to be worked on for you to become a happier, more joyful, abundant version of who you are now. I hope this process is helpful and something you take seriously in your personal development. Doing it will bring so much more clarity into your life.

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