Personal development and Life Coaching are so often overlooked in the workplace. Corporate companies focus on training, mentoring, and tons of upskilling for their employee’s professional development but don’t have support for personal development journeys.

Why it should be a priority is simple. You can’t build a beautiful cake unless you have a strong structure first. For employees to grow professionally, they have to grow personally. More importantly, personal growth translates to professional growth. There are 2 goals with this:

  1. Increase your self-awareness
  2. Find and pursue your passions
How are you indirectly sabotaging your workers?

Many managers, executives, and directors lack the emotional intelligence and self-awareness they should have to do their roles properly. It’s because they don’t have the personal growth skills to keep up with their expansion. Cue unhappy teams, a toxic workplace, and overall – not a good environment to work in. You avoid all this when you invest in their personal growth and equip them with personal skills to do their roles.

How can you do this?

Contact a personal development coach or a life coach for a few months. Invest in a course for a few employees at a time so you see the tangible positive difference it makes. Better workers mean a better workplace.

Why else is personal development coaching so important in the workplace?

The line between home and work life is blurred, especially with women. Many women are caregivers, nurturers, and breadwinners in their families. These women lead teams, manage massive projects and execute their roles daily with a smile on their faces. It’s a lot to handle. Personal development skills aren’t taught at business school. Humans are changing, learning, and growing. Your employees need the tools to keep up with evolving. Frustration, miscommunication, and toxicity in the workplace can be avoided.

What happens once you get a personal development coach for the workplace?

People learn how to pursue their dreams, goals, and passions. They take full responsibility for their lives and their roles in the company. People realize where they fit in this world, see the bigger picture and get out of their limited thinking, they understand how anything is possible with the right mindset. Your workers learn how to unlock that mindset. They genuinely show up for themselves every day, but more importantly, they genuinely show up for your company every day.

Imagine having someone like that on your team!

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