Have you ever paid special attention to your Gut when you’re doing health and wellness goals?

You wouldn’t have given it a second thought if you’re anything like me. I’ve always been a “semi-healthy” person. I stayed away from fatty, oily foods, consumed my daily portions of yogurt, fruit smoothies, oats, peanut butter, veggies, and lean meats, and even sneaked in a cupcake every once in a while when the chocolate craving got really bad. My diet was balanced as far as nutrition could go. Or so I thought. It turns out, I did not know anything about why gut health is so important for your well-being.

Last year I was admitted to the emergency room with tummy pains that could not be explained. It was just post covid so the hospital was still a scary place to be in. To cut a very long story short, I was given a drip and told to go to a specialist to do a full colonoscopy and gastroscopy the following week. Me, the girl who thought she had a balanced diet. So off to the Gastroenterologist I trudged, had a consultation, and was admitted for the scopes soon after. A massive hospital bill, a week off work, and another consultation later – the results were in. They could find nothing wrong with me, aside from the fact that I had these bouts of tummy pain where I would be hunched over in the same position until they passed. I’m not one to overly dramatize things, but this was painful.

The Verdict

Anyway, I started doing some research because naturally, unexplained tummy pains did not sit well with me. I knew most medical reasons were ruled out, otherwise, the scopes would have picked something up. The symptoms I had, pointed to food intolerances and food allergies, so I booked a consultation with a Homeopathic doctor. She was amazing and did a food intolerance test on me, which involved a finger prick, my blood on a fancy little screen that turned a few different colors and then the results. After weeks of tummy pain, I was determined to get to the bottom of whatever was wrong.

So as it turns out, the foods I thought were “healthy” for me – were causing all the pain. I was intolerant to gluten, oats, dairy, peanut butter, apples (I mean apples of all things!), and a few other things I incorporated into my diet on a daily basis. Imagine my shock. Never, in a zillion years, would I have imagined that my carefully balanced eating plan was the cause of my discomfort.

So I had to cut all these foods out of my diet (which was not easy, because – cupcakes). I also had to add a raw, liquid-form probiotic and glutamine to my morning routine. This solved the tummy pains, and I have honestly never felt healthier. It’s taken some getting used to, because I miss cheese and cupcakes SO much. But once you figure out how to change a habit that’s no longer serving you, and stack that new habit – the process to eliminate foods you love isn’t such a big deal anymore. All it takes is planning and consistency.

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