Why does the wealth, health, prosperity you want continue to stay out of reach? Why does success continue to elude you? Have you ever sat down and asked yourself those questions?

Our teachers, parents and mentors had one way of explaining the rules to get what you want and be successful. Always be on time, always do your best, remember to work hard, always be honest, strive for greatness, go the extra mile, there’s no gain without pain…..

BUT no matter how hard you try or adopt the rules above, life is one big struggle after another. When you sit back and look at it, these rules didn’t bring the parental figures any closer to what they wanted either. Or if it did, it was after years of struggle and strife. Then you meet others on your journey and they don’t play by the rules at all and they are so successful, its infuriating. So you ask yourself – how can those people who work so hard and put in the effort be receiving so little? And those who seem to be working so little and putting in no effort, achieve so much? We’ve all had that co-worker who cruises by doing as little as possible yet they have the best Life. We all know stories of people who have dropped out of school but are now multi-millionaires.

Why doesn’t your hard work pay off for you the way it is supposed to?

Why do so few really get rich while many others struggle to get by?

What do those people who have made it know that you don’t?

If you are doing everything you can think of, truly trying your best to do what you have been told is supposed to bring you everything you want but it still doesn’t come, you start to feel defensive, resentful and even angry at those who are successful. It becomes painful to watch someone living a Life you wish you could be living.

Here’s the thing. It’s not because there’s a conspiracy against you or there’s something outside of yourself preventing it. It’s not eluding you because you’re not good enough or because someone else took it from you. It’s not eluding you because you can’t catch a break. No one ever has, or ever could prevent your success – or provide it for that matter. Pointing the blame at others stops you from assuming responsibility.

Your success is all up to you. It’s all in your control. You are the creator of every single thing in your Life. You can start exactly where you are, and achieve whatever you desire. Success is your natural birthright. Read that again. It’s your birthright.

Why success continues to eludes you is not something that is outside of you over which you have no control. The part you’re missing, is within you – and you do have complete control. Taking back control is not difficult to do once you understand how your mind works. You are the only thing preventing success from coming to you. It’s all in your head (literally). I’ve linked a beautiful article on limiting beliefs and what they are here.

Start to deliberately drop those lack and blame stories. Start to change your perception of the world and start to rewrite those ridiculous rules you were living by. They’re not true. If they were, you wouldn’t still be waiting for your success. You have nothing to lose and if what you’re doing is not working, don’t you think its time to try something different?


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