Why do people procrastinate?

How do you feel when that procrastination stops you from doing what you need to do? Tired? Angry? Feeling like you’re not progressing? Sometimes we have that little voice inside our head that says “I don’t want to” or “I don’t feel like it”. Usually, that voice becomes loud when we’re supposed to do something that requires effort. Often weeks go by, and we still haven’t gotten to that part of the to-do list. We keep putting it off because everything else becomes more important.

But what if I tell you, it’s a normal human thing? That little voice or feeling is called resistance. In metaphysics, we define resistance as friction. It’s what stops you from achieving your goals. The resistance exists in your conditioned mind, fear-based mind, protective mind, or survival mind. When you understand why it shows up, it’s a whole lot easier to get rid of.

As an example, do you remember when you started walking, started learning how to drive, or maybe even learned how to cook something complicated? You had no idea how you were going to do it. The first few times were scary, but you didn’t give up because it was something you had to master. Now you do it without a second thought. Think back to all the times you were faced with something unknown and you came out on the other side.

How do we deal with resistance?

Resistance is your mind’s way of keeping you in your comfort zone. It’s your mind’s way of protecting you and keeping you safe from the unknown. Your mind’s dominant part is called the ego. And the ego’s job is to keep you safe. To keep you comfortable. There’s nothing wrong with your ego protecting you. In fact, if it didn’t – there would be something wrong. So take a breath and understand that this is normal. Everything’s working fine and resistance is supposed to come up when you’re faced with anything you’re not comfortable with.

So what’s the cure for this?

Take. Action. Anyway. One small step in the direction you want to go. Something towards your goal that doesn’t feel as scary as everything else. And talk to the little voice. Reassure it that you will be safe after taking the action. Tell it you understand that it’s just trying to keep you safe and you appreciate that. But this action is necessary for your growth. The voice will feel better and the resistance won’t be so high anymore. Also, try to understand why you’re feeling resistance. Maybe some healing needs to happen. Maybe some fears need to be faced. Is it worth giving up what you want because procrastination stops you from doing what you need to do? Remember, the only person keeping you from the life you want is you. Choose yourself always.

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