Do you have endless problems in your life but feel like you do nothing to attract them?

The latest studies in neuroscience and quantum physics have shed light on why. Without getting too deep into the science in this Blog post, I’ll outline a few things I’ve learned about what role problems play in our lives.

How it works

Any thought you have creates a chemical in your brain. So what happens when you have an experience? You have thoughts that give you strong emotions from that experience (heartbreak, lack of money, health issues – you name it). Your brain then files it away as being important. The more you think about that experience in your mind, the more you get those strong emotions. Before too long, the emotion becomes part of a subconscious program running in your mind.

The issue here is your brain gets a “rush” from those chemicals because you’ve used strong emotion to make it important enough. And now, because it’s become part of your subconscious programming, your brain will crave the “rush” – just like an addict would crave something. And what happens then? Well, you need to feed the craving of course. This is why most of us are addicted to the problems and conditions in our lives that produce stress. This doesn’t happen by conscious decision. This happens at a subconscious level.

Why we keep our problems

So whether we’re in a bad job, bad relationship, bad financial situation, negative loop, procrastination loop – whatever it is – we hold our troubles close to us because they help reinforce who we are as somebody. These troubles feed our addictions to those low-frequency emotions like anxiety, depression, fear, guilt, shame, insecurity, unworthiness, etc.

We live in fear that if those problems get taken away, we won’t know what to think and how to feel, and we won’t get to experience the rush of energy that causes us to remember who we are (even if that rush of energy is negative). We make these problems part of our identity and hold onto them for dear life because it becomes our very Being.

So in other words, we keep the problems in our lives because they make us feel “safe”. And we do this unconsciously. Our minds mold to whatever instructions we give them. Our brains are like sponges, they are nothing more than a memory of the past. This is why change is so hard for so many of us. Consciously, we are attempting to climb a mountain. Subconsciously, we are looking for more fuel to feed an addiction that we don’t even know we have.

How to change it

How do we go about fixing this? It’s a lot easier than you think. We need to get into the subconscious mind and reprogram it. We need to unlearn the bad habits we’ve picked up that have become part of our identity and we need to learn how to self-regulate our central nervous systems. Most importantly, we need to increase the awareness we have when we’re going through our day. Personally, I’ve found meditation to be the best way for me to do all this. There are a ton of resources available including hypnosis and breathwork. The key to succeeding in reprograming your subconscious mind lies in consistency. Don’t expect to do it once and never again. Build a practice that becomes part of your life. I promise you, when you grow that awareness and start seeing results (and it doesn’t take too long either!) – you will understand the power of your thoughts and feelings.


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