What is Contrast in the Law of Attraction world?

It’s the crappy, unwanted stuff of Life. As silly as this sounds, contrast has it’s place in the Life cycle. How are we going to know what we do want if we don’t know what we don’t want?

So contrast shouldn’t be wished away, it should be leveraged and managed. Feel the feelings then use it as a trigger to shift focus.

  • Stop trying to avoid it
  • Stop getting stuck in it
  • Stop judging yourself for it

If you’re not having contrast, you’re not alive. The good thing is we get to be in charge of how much we put up with. Abraham Hicks says don’t make a career out of staying in contrast. It doesn’t come from what’s happening in Life, but rather what we think about or how we respond to what is happening. It’s our thoughts and feelings (this again!) that make up contrast, not so much the actual event or situation. Gosh, I had to re-read that part when I first saw it. We get upset, angry, irritated etc. because of what we think of the situation, not the actual situation. Mind. Blown.

My way of feeling the feelings?

I look at the event or situation and I send it a solid F-ck you with a smile. A few times. If that doesn’t work then I put my boxing gloves on and beat up the boxing bag in my garage imagining the thing/situation/person in front of me. The Power that brings to me is something I cannot describe.

How do you manage contrast when it pops up in your Life?

Also anyone who knows me knows I’m a visual person. I love the contrast of snow on lavender and I think the picture talks to this post perfectly!

I’ve linked an Abraham Hicks video here on why contrast is necessary. Enjoy!

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