What’s the first thing you do when you want to change something in your life?

Do you get a new haircut or set some new goals and work towards them? Do you spring clean your house and throw out all the old clothes you have? Maybe you enroll in a course or get a new book on mindset? All these ways to initiate change in your life are powerful, but they’re surface-level. If you want a big change in your life, you have to go below the surface and look at the root of what you’re trying to do. Otherwise, whatever you do is not sustainable. You find yourself back at the start with very little momentum gained. We’ve all been there when we want to get healthy and fit, but those salads for lunch lose their appeal fast. And curling up on the couch on a rainy day is a lot more exciting than driving to the gym. Or how about when we want to take our financial success to the next level? We want to become more focused, smarter, and work harder. But before long, we’re back in that rut. I’ve been in both of these places a few times and I’ve learned a few things. Here are two effective ways to level up your life.

First, you need your WHY

Before you can make any kind of change in your life, you need a reason for it. This reason has to be something that drives you and motivates you. It’s the why behind the why. Taking my example of getting healthy and fit – why do you want it? And why is the reason why you want it? Keep going deeper until you uncover a core issue. This core issue is what you need to keep at the forefront of your mind when things get tough in your change cycle.

1.Embody the person you want to become

This sounds simple, but it’s harder than it seems. When you want to make changes in your life (big or small), there are a few ingredients you need. The first is to change your physiology – your physical state. Second is to change your focus and habits. The third is to change your language. All these make up your identity. If you want to change your identity, you have to start with your physiology, habits, and language. You build your identity by who you are and what you do. Would a healthy and fit person eat certain things? Does a healthy and fit person use the couch as an excuse not to go to the gym? Would someone with financial success constantly be worrying about money all the time? We need to become the people we want to be by adopting the identity of those people. And we do this one habit at a time, one thought or word at a time, and one action at a time.

2. Immerse yourself in your self-development

You have to completely immerse yourself in the change you want to make. Don’t dedicate one small part of your day to making that change. You have to live it and breathe it. Change your environment around to reflect it. Work on your mindset every day. Don’t allow negative thoughts to deter you from making this change. Become aware of when you procrastinate. Move through it with the end goal in mind. Track your progress. Do you feel different? Or do you feel the same as before? Use the feedback as guidance to pivot and adjust where it’s needed.

If you do these two things, you get better at making decisions that support the change you want to make and you start to gain momentum. Changing your physical state daily helps you to embody the identity you’re after. If you change your focus to look at things through the lens of someone who has already got what they want, you see the world differently. When you are talking to a loved one, and you’re at your best health – you sound different.

And finally

Change isn’t easy. But the hard part is battling your own mind when you’re trying to make that change. Being discouraged and feeling defeated are part of the process. But you need to pick yourself up, and keep going. Engage with a supportive community and get some friends in your corner. Make your WHY so strong, that staying the same will be way worse than making this change.


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