Do you have a great relationship with money?

Once upon a time, I didn’t either. I spent years in struggle, lacking, and scarcity when it came to money. I didn’t know that I could actively work on my relationship with money, or that there was such a thing as having a relationship with money. All I knew was that I was meant for more. I was not meant to live paycheck to paycheck. When I started educating myself on the topic, things changed. I came to understand that money – just like everything else is energy. And energy can be molded, shaped, and changed.  I just needed to learn how to do it. And this is how I changed my relationship with money.

What you think, how you feel, and what manifests is ALWAYS a match. If you ever want to know what your true relationship with money (or anything else) is, then take a look at your reality. Take a look at whether you’re living in abundance or not. If you’re not, chances are – your relationship with money needs a lot of work.

This excerpt below from Abraham Hicks helped to majorly shift my perspective about money.

“So as you are moving through your day and you notice that you have more desire or need for money than you actually have money and a big bill has come. You have this conflicting feeling where you want to spend it on this but you should spend it for that. And even if you do pay it where it belongs, there is not enough to really go around in the way you are wanting it to. And in this frustrating moment of weighing the pros and cons of your experience, you fire off a rocket of desire big time. You’ve asked in a very powerful way but the answer, even though it’s given, is not received because you are more aware of not having enough money than you are of having enough money.

The receiving mode

In your anxiety, you are not in the receiving mode, in your anger or blame or guilt you are not in the receiving mode. In your awareness of not having enough money, you are not in the receiving mode for enough money. So more money cannot come, not right now, nothing can change. Now you’ve asked, Source Energy (the Universe) hears you clearly, adores you fully, understands your worthiness entirely, and answers swiftly. So the answer is not just on the way, it is given. Everything is lined up, the money SHOULD be there NOW. Why isn’t it?

Because you’re ornery. You’re worried, you’re frustrated. You’ve got your receiver set to a whole different channel. And so even though the circumstances are lined up and everything is there for you – you’re zigging while your stuff is zagging. And you say “nobody ever answers my request”. Then we say oh yes, your request is fully answered but you have just been confused about Step 1 (asking) and Step 3 (allowing).

So the key is, once you become consciously aware that you want something different than what is, you have to (through the power of your mind) practice until you achieve a different vibration about that subject.” – Abraham Hicks

What I’ve realized

I keep this excerpt written out, printed and sticky-noted in front of me all the time so I can remind myself that I need to be in the allowing mode before what I want can come to me. And this means I need to vibrate differently on the subject. Staying in lack only does one thing – it brings more lack. But when I work on my relationship with money, I can see tangible results from those efforts. Money is not what it used to be to me before. I see it as a way for me to give more and serve the world more. As a way for me to do all the things I want to do, and have an amazing time doing it. The way it shows up in my reality mirrors exactly that.

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