I’m a bookworm. I was the girl in school who won reading awards. The teen who got into trouble with mum for reading late on a school night. Even today, my husband knows my ideal gift for birthdays or Christmas is a book voucher. I love reading fiction, especially fantasy and werewolf stories. They’re my favorite kind to get lost in when I want to relax after a heavy week or if I need a pick me up. Harry Potter, Sweet Valley, The Babysitters Club, The Secret 7 were among my favorite series to read growing up. Although they weren’t motivational, they did change my Life in some way.

When I started adulting and deepening my Spiritual understanding, I delved into many different books. I wanted to learn more about Life and how to do it Happily ever after. The Top 5 below are my favorite motivational books because of the impact they’ve had on me and how much I’ve changed my Life.

  1. Ask and It is Given – Abraham Hicks (My Law of Attraction go-to book)
  2. Excuse me, Your Life is Waiting – Lynn Grabhorn (Such a beautiful, Powerful read)
  3. You Can Heal Your Life – Louise Hay (Louise helped me to fall in Love with myself)
  4. Super Attractor – Gabrielle Bernstein (The original Spirit Junkie. I love all her books, but this one resonates deeply with me, especially her message of Surrendering to the Power of the Universe)
  5. The Art of Self-Love – Jeanette Maw (This was the first Law of Attraction type book I’ve ever bought and I still read it every chance I get)

I’m sure I’ll be doing a Top 10 soon, and a Top 50 after that because the good stuff just keeps coming.

Which motivational books have made a huge impact or changed your Life in some way?

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