Today was one of those days where I just stayed in bed and read. With the weather being 4 degrees outside, it was my first choice. Prior to changing my career path, I didn’t have this opportunity very often. So now that I have it, I grab it whenever I can.

I read Gabby Bernstein’s Super Attractor book last week. I love it, definitely one of my top books for 2022 and today was perfect to reflect and take notes under the covers with coffee in hand. There’s a Chapter about how we block our Attracting Powers. As a natural student of the Universe, I felt this Chapter deserved its own pause and reflect. The Block I resonated with the most was the Fear of Being Judged.

Gabby has so much wisdom and insight. She says the only reason people don’t believe in your career path and dreams…. is because YOU still don’t believe in it. The book excerpt goes like this: “Your lack mentality and disbelief are mirrored back to you by others. Our vibes attract our Tribe. Anyone’s judgement of you is a reflection of how you feel about yourself, whether consciously or unconsciously. Recognize other people’s judgements reveal the places where you lack faith. Every experience and encounter offers you guidance towards healing the lingering resistance that holds you back.”

When I became a Life Coach, this fear of being judged was present in my Life. I never understood it. I did self-awareness work for years, yet I came across this fear projected back through the people I interacted with. To know it’s all a reflection of what I had going on internally is like finding a light in the midst of load shedding (South Africans will understand what I mean!).

My conclusion

Everything happening in the external world is a reflection of what’s happening on the inside. Our fears are brought to Life by the situations and people around us. So after throwing a fit, crying and feeling unworthy (which are all emotions I have also felt on my journey), we take our Power back by understanding that it’s work we have to do within ourselves.

Once we become honest and I mean really honest about what we feel, the fear dissolves. We send out a message to others that we don’t feel good enough or worthy of what we desire. It’s all an inside job. So do the work, and the only people you encounter are those who support your journey lovingly and fully.

There is no reason for you to play small anymore. The Universe has BIG plans for you!

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