We’ve all had this experience when your soul starts calling to you and telling you that you were meant for more, meant for better and meant for happiness. It takes such bravery and courage to listen to our inner voices. Many people ignore it and go on to live mediocre lives. How do you start to figure out what fulfils you and how do you start to navigate that road? How do you get direction for taking the next steps? In this post, I debunk myths about what Life Coaching is.

When I hear these questions, my heart resonates deeply with them because many clients have the same issue. I had the same issue once upon a time. That’s why I became a Life Coach.

Here are the important myths and the truths about Life Coaching since I get asked about what I do often:
  • It’s not about a way to deal with problems, it’s about a way to find solutions
  • It’s not about showing someone what they should do, it’s about helping them decide for themselves what they should do
  • It’s not about giving someone advice, it’s about helping someone to understand and take their own advice
  • It’s not about showing someone the way, it’s about showing someone how to find their own way
  • It’s not about teaching someone to follow a path, it’s about teaching someone to determine what their path is and how to follow it
  • It’s not about showing someone how to relate to the world, it’s about showing them how the world relates to them
  • It’s not about being superior, it’s about being a catalyst for change

It’s about helping people to pull out their own deeply held learnings or intuitions so they can live the life they were meant to. That is what it means to be a Life Coach.

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