How do you know when you’ve successfully managed to raise your vibration?

Get happy now. Bring the joy. Be grateful for what you have. This is all advice we receive when we’re going after our desires. But how to tell if you’ve raised your energetic frequency? What does that even mean? Well, according to the Law of Attraction, all the good stuff we want is at a certain vibrational frequency. We need to match that vibration if we want to bring the stuff aka what we desire, to us. We are always manifesting, even if we aren’t consciously aware of it. Guiding yourself to look for tangible evidence in your physical state of a raised vibration, is a skill worth learning. So how do we know that we’ve in fact, raised our vibration? Below, I’ve outlined 5 ways that you can tell. 

1.You FEEL better

Pay attention to what your emotions and feelings are telling you. There’s no point in faking it because when you fake it, the vibrational frequency is very different from genuinely feeling better. Better doesn’t have to mean good. It just means you’re higher on the Emotional Guidance Scale. So instead of feeling powerless, you feel angry. That’s a lot better than feeling powerless.

2. You LAUGH more

How often do you laugh just for the sake of laughing and bringing joy into your life? When we don’t have something we want, we tend to put all our focus on the absence of that one thing. Turn your focus to a funny movie or video clip. It automatically raises your vibration when you laugh.

3. Things don’t bother you anymore

You know you have one life to live, you know you’re a Soul having a human experience so the big stuff and the small stuff are just that. Stuff. You aren’t stressed out or bothered when something happens. You know life is ever-evolving.

4. You make peace with not having what you want

When you’ve been sitting on a desire that hasn’t come true for a long time – you’re holding lots of resistance to it. Making peace is being ok with never having that thing in your life. When you genuinely make peace with it, that’s usually when it comes because you drop all your resistance to it. This one is so powerful!

5. You start seeing signs of your desire coming to you

Abraham Hicks call this driftwood (think about a log drifting past you when you’re floating in the ocean. It’s a sign that an island is nearby). Any physical evidence of what you’re wanting is a sign that you’re getting into vibrational alignment with it! So if you see those diamond earrings that you’ve had your eye on suddenly come up on your phone, or if your dream car drives past you – these are all signs of your vibration raising and therefore, your point of attraction changing. Play with it and see what happens.

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