What do you want in your Life?

Do you have everything you want, or are there desires you don’t have? If you’re waiting, wanting, and wishing for something that’s not arrived yet, chances are you’re holding too much resistance to allow it to come into your life. Holding resistance means you have not yet aligned with what you want. Maybe you don’t believe you can have the desire you want. Maybe you fear that having it is going to change your life. Sometimes it’s a cross-desire. For example. You want that fabulous new promotion, but you know it comes with less free time which is something you value very much. So yes, you desire the promotion but your fear of actually getting it and having your free time taken away far outweighs your desire for the promotion. Below are 2 ideas to think about on how to manifest your dream life with the law of attraction.

1. Releasing resistance

It’s worth figuring out what resistance you’re holding for your desires and getting very honest with yourself about what you desire and why you desire it. Questions to ask yourself are – do you honestly believe you can have it? Do you honestly believe that you create your own reality? Do you think something is standing in the way of you manifesting your desires? If the answer is no to one of these questions then you have some inner work to do. Ask yourself how you really feel about what you want for your life.

2. Lose your grip on reality

Too often, we pay attention to physical reality and use it as the reason why we can’t believe in our desires. Abraham says the physical reality is old news. We should stop paying attention to it because it’s done. Attention needs to go on the reality we want to create, not the one we have already created. That’s where our Power lies, that’s what we can control. Thoughts, feelings, and emotions focused on what we want, not what has already happened. We are the ones who give instructions to our reality, not the other way around. So take a leap of faith, and live in that world you want to have. Become a pro at it. Just do it.

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