Do you know how the Law of Attraction fits into your Life?

Information about this is everywhere. There are books, movies, blogs, podcasts, coaches, programs, courses – you name it and it’s there. Tons of information about the Law of Attraction and how to ‘use’ it to get the things you want. Not all this information is the same. Some more scientific (like Quantum physics), some more Spiritual, and some woo-woo (channeled entities like Bashar and Abraham Hicks). However, all these different sources have one thing in common. The Law of Attraction exists. It’s not something you ‘use’, it’s a part of life, a part of the energy, and a part of this Universe. It’s just like the Law of Gravity – it works whether you believe it’s there or not. So if it exists and it’s there, shouldn’t you learn how to manifest your dream life with the Law of Attraction?

When I first saw The Secret movie, I was blown away. My whole life, I knew there was something I was missing. A reason for everything. I knew life couldn’t be black and white, and deep down, I knew that none of us were put on this earth to struggle. Once I started diving into studying this Law and everything about it, my world was changed forever. Now I think it’s important for me to say that I am a practical person. I worked hard in school, worked hard to get my degree, and worked hard in my finance career. I take calculated risks and I don’t throw caution to the wind very often. I’m predictable, and down to earth. But I do believe in the science of magic. I’ve learned about it, studied it from different sources, and created a life I love because of it.

Universal Energy and Quantum Physics

The concept of Universal energy is not a new one. It’s been around since time began. Quantum physics states that everything existing in the Universe is made up of energy that flows and constantly changes form. There is no us as separate human beings and other tangible objects we see around us, there is only energy. And we are part of this energy. It goes further to say that the ‘physical reality’ we perceive all around us is made up of atoms of energy vibrating at different frequencies. So the chair and desk I’m sitting at right now are made up of atoms that consist of energy. The reality that I’ve created around me is made up of energy.

This is the single thought that catapulted me into a new life. If everything is energy that flows and changes, we can change our energy. Then what happens is, the Law of Attraction mirrors what energy we put out and the ‘physical reality’ around us changes to match that energy. There’s no big, complicated explanation for it. That’s all it is. It’s a system that works perfectly. And the best part? Our physical reality is feedback to us. It’s feedback about whether we’re vibrating what we want or what we don’t want. If your life isn’t the way you want it to be, the answer is simple. Change your energy, and you change your life.

Vibrating at different frequencies

On the Spiritual (woo-woo) side of things, it gets just as amazing. Spiritual teachers all echo the same sentiments. We were put on this earth to experience joy and that’s our only purpose. That’s the only thing we are supposed to do and however we choose to do that is up to us. Many of us choose to serve others to experience that joy, and many of us pursue prominent careers, raise beautiful families, or take up hobbies that light us up. All of this is for one purpose – to feel better. Everything we want, is only because we believe we will feel better when we have it. So your only job is to feel better first.

How to Manifest your Dream life with the Law of Attraction

Something that’s vibrating at a different frequency cannot come to you on your frequency. Like attracts like. Using the radio station analogy, you can’t tune into 5FM and expect to get 94.7 FM. So if you’re wanting that dream career or that perfect relationship, how are you showing up for it? How are you thinking, feeling and behaving? Is it like someone who has their dream career or perfect relationship? Or is it like someone who’s on a totally different radio station? We tend to make this so complicated, but it isn’t. The only reason you don’t have something you want is because you’re holding yourself away from it. There is SO MUCH power in knowing this, because the one thing we do have control over is ourselves. Our thoughts, our feelings, our emotions and therefore our vibrational frequency.

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