Do You Have a Great Self-Care Routine?

I’m one of those coaches who insist my clients start a self-care routine if they don’t have one already. Self-care is a form of self-love and I believe it’s important to spend time caring for yourself. The best way to pave the road for the world to deliver what you need is when you deliver it to yourself first. You can build habits into your day where you take care of your well-being. In this post, I’ve highlighted some ideas on how to create a self-care routine you love.

Although self-care should ideally be practiced everyday, sometimes it’s easier said than done – I can relate. Being a business owner with a busy coaching practice, a wife and a mama of a very active toddler, I tend to forget about myself because family demands come first. As a woman, my instinct is to automatically nurture those around me. Over the years, I’ve had to learn how to build time in for self-care because I know that I can’t pour from an empty cup. It takes constant practice, but by being consistent at it, I’ve managed to enjoy prioritizing my time for self-care.

Before I give you some ideas, I want to highlight stress. Most of what we experience as stress comes from burnout, anxiety and a lack of self-care. Now I understand most of us have busy lives. Sometimes we’re run off our feet and have no time for anything, let alone think about our well-being. But I want to emphasize that stress manifests into discord and fatigue and other illnesses when it goes unchecked (I’m speaking from experience here). So you owe it to yourself to make time for self-care. You only have one body, so your health and well-being should be a huge priority.

Your routine might not look like anyone else’s – it should fit YOUR lifestyle and what you want to get out of it. No two people will practice self-care the same way. Just because something is good for you, doesn’t mean you will recognize it as self-care. Self-care should be something you look forward to and get excited about. It should be something that recharges and replenishes you, revitalizes and refreshes you.

1.Write down things that make you feel centered

This can be anything personal to you. Smells, colors, nature, chocolate, beautiful music, art, back rubs – whatever floats your boat and makes you feel centered. Personally, I have a special brand of coffee that I love. Hubby calls it my “fancy coffee”. When it’s out at the end of the month, he knows I’ve had a hectic month! I save it for a day when I’ve been super busy, and I need to ground myself and reconnect. To me, nurturing myself is spending time curled up in an armchair after a busy day drinking this coffee. It helps me to relax and unwind and I love it. I also love long Friday night baths, and have recently discovered these gorgeous bath-bombs (also reserved for a hectic week!)

2. Think about how you can incorporate these things into your daily life

If it’s something like colors or beautiful nature scenery, why not put it as a background on your screens because you spend so much time staring at devices all day? If it’s certain smells you enjoy, use essential oils or incense – there are some amazing ones. I have an oil burner where I mix rose and vanilla oils during my work day, and it gives off the most heavenly fragrance while I’m in a meeting or busy with content. It helps me to stay in my happy place. I also love sitting in the sunshine for 5 minutes a day or reading a Chapter of a book I love.

3. Look at your daily behaviors and see where you can become more present

This is a hot topic for most of us. We spend way too much time on social media, and not enough being present with ourselves and our loved ones. I get it, I really do. Technology is the way of the world and you have to check your Instagram updates after a busy day. See if you can keep it to a certain time, like 15 or 20 minutes instead of mindlessly scrolling and getting lost.

4. Upgrade your self-love habits

What I mean by this, is become more mindful of how you practice your self-love. Self-love is practiced in 2 ways.

  • How you treat yourself
  • How you speak to yourself

If you take a close look at your daily habits, I can guarantee there is room for self-love improvement. How to create a self-care routine you love doesn’t have to be difficult. Why this is so important is because self-love leads to increased self-awareness which leads to increased self-worth and that’s when your energy is at it’s ultimate vibrational high point. That’s when all the good stuff you want comes into your life (Law of Attraction in Action). I believe in practicing self-love so much, I created a course on it here. Practicing self-love has given me miracles in my life, and I make all my clients practice it daily. It’s something I know works.

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