How good or bad is your money mindset? On a scale of 1-10?

The truth is, we don’t live in a society that has a very healthy relationship with money. Everywhere you look, there are people who:

  • want more money but have no idea how to get it
  • act like they have financial abundance but in reality, they don’t
  • or the worst – think that having money is not something good

All of us, no matter how we grew up or no matter what we learned about money in our childhood, on some level – we are still pinching ourselves off from true abundance that’s always available to us.

If you don’t have all the money you could ever want, this Blog Post will help give insight on why.

Money is a very taboo, negative, triggering topic for so many of us. Mostly due to our upbringing and old conditioned belief systems. We carry our beliefs about money with us for YEARS, and we keep creating what we believe in the experiences that we continue to have.

Money also controls many of us, instead of US being in control of it. We still struggle with scarcity, no matter how much we have.

  • We make money the enemy
  • We put it on a pedestal
  • We believe its presence in our lives is limited

In order to improve your money situation, you need to work on your money mindset. This means getting really, truly, deeply, raw and honest about how you feel. You have to rip the band aid off before the cut can heal properly. You’re untangling years of negative beliefs and that takes effort – and honesty. Tears too.

The real question 

Would you rather carry on with a negative money mindset, or make the effort for change? For me, staying the same was much worse than working on my beliefs about money. And once I started, I couldn’t stop. And before I knew it, I had a brand new belief system about money. Because I was committed to working on myself, and I refused to give in to the voices that told me I can’t do it. Also – because I knew I deserved my freedom.

What are you doing to work on your money mindset? How are you tracking your progress? Have you managed to change anything?

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