How Manifestation Works

How Manifestation works
Manifestation has become a white-washed term in this era

The Secret movie led us to believe that all we need to do is think about what we want, believe we will get it, feel gratitude and then it will “manifest” into reality.

While that’s one small part of the Science, there’s a whole lot more behind the scenes. The truth is, we are always manifesting – whether we believe it or not.

Abraham Hicks says there is always a stream of Well-being flowing to us. And the degree to which we allow this stream of Well-being in our lives, is directly related to our allowing skills.

Being in a receiving mode is a muscle that needs to be developed. Just like going to the gym to get those gorgeous abs – building your manifesting skill requires some reps.

Everything is energy. Everything you want, and everything you are. So to get the desires you want, you need to vibrate at the frequency of having those desires and feel worthy of them.

What keeps most people stuck, is that they can’t move past the belief systems they’ve created for themselves over the years. In other words, they don’t believe they can actually have their desires, and they don’t know how to feel worthy of what they want.

So if you’re visualizing what you want and giving gratitude daily (like you’ve been told), but still not seeing results in your life – your conditioned subconscious belief systems are keeping you stuck.

You’re trying to match the high frequency of abundance while still unconsciously holding onto low frequency emotional baggage.