Are you taking care of your energy on social media?

Are you being intentional about what you consume daily? And are you doing the same with who you’re allowing to consume your content? Because social media platforms are “free” for anyone and everyone, you have to be intentional about who you allow into your space. Here’s why you must have social media energy hygiene everyday and how you can assess it: 

1) Content that you consume

You are completely responsible for all the content that you consume. That cellphone screen is in your complete control. Are you following accounts that don’t make you feel good? Have you paid attention to how you feel when you consume that content? Are there accounts you follow that make you lose your grip on reality? Accounts that you just can’t stop looking at, even if they add no value to your life? Now is the time to mute or block them. Understand that you are allowing this into your brain and energy space BY CHOICE when you follow them or consume their content.

2) Your content that you allow people to consume

Just because social media is open, exposed and “free” for everyone, doesn’t mean you need to field negativity or keyboard warriors who have nothing better to do with their time. Your valuable time, heart, and energy go into creating your content. Understand that everyone is NOT entitled to everything. Any learnings or thoughts you offer up on your platforms for free – are a gift to your community. Expect the people consuming your stuff to extend you the same love and respect you give to them when creating stuff for them. You are not a bad person for muting, blocking, or deleting people if they don’t align with the energy and vision you have. Set your social media boundaries and stick to them. It’s just as important as any other boundaries you set in life. Understand that you are responsible for how you feel and act as a result of who you allow into your world.

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