If you have busy days and you want to improve your emotional, mental and physical state – here are some habits you can build to improve the quality of a busy life.

1.Wake up 30 minutes earlier and incorporate a morning routine into your weekdays. Activities you could do include:
  • a rigorous workout to get your blood pumping, or some type of flow movement like stretching or yoga
  • breathework or meditation to ground you
  • journaling or another type of gratitude exercise
  • reading a few pages of a mindset book or listening to a short podcast to motivate you
2. Plan out simple breakfasts for the whole week
3. Don’t skip any of your meals. Blood sugar levels fluctuate when you’re hungry and so do moods, appetites, and productivity. You are more likely to binge eat when meals are skipped. 
4. Drink a sufficient intake of water throughout the day. Keeping hydrated is so important for health and energy
5. Adopt the 80/20 rule aka Pareto’s Principle

This means in any situation, 20 % of the tasks yield 80 % of the results. Maximize productivity by focusing on the tasks that are going to get you the most results in the shortest time.

6. Learn to single-task

Did you know only 2 % of people in the world can multi-task successfully? Juggling between tasks clutters your brain and lowers efficiency levels. You take twice as long to do something when you’re doing it along with something else. Be present in one task at a time.

7. Surround yourself with positive people

You don’t really need to take that phone call and listen to that friend complain for an hour. You don’t need to feel obligated to those relationships with people who keep bringing you down instead of lifting you up. Spend time with people who are going to give you happiness, the same way you give them happiness.

8. Pay attention to how much time you’re spending on social media

Our intentions are usually to get onto social media for a quick break or a few minutes of entertainment. Instead, what happens is we get lost scrolling and wasting precious time. Schedule your social media time and make sure it’s serving the purpose you are using it for. (Don’t get lost in someone else’s life, wishing it was your life)


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