The weight-loss culture is huge in today’s society. Every second person is on a diet or trying to lose weight. Besides it being a question of eating, exercising, and hydrating correctly, your mindset plays a big part in getting to your desired weight or body image. Our motivation or commitment is often not enough to reach the end goal we want, whether that’s a new dress size, or complete body transformation – whatever it is. Today I’m giving you four mindset hacks for fast-tracking your winning weight-loss journey.

1. Set a goal that you believe is achievable

Maybe you want the supermodel body and you know you can get it. But your subconscious mind is not buying into that because it seems out there or far-fetched. So set a smaller goal (or a few smaller goals) that will allow your body, heart, and mind to work in sync together.

2. Take a look at your eating habits through the lens of your mind

Do you find yourself unable to stick to the plan? Ask yourself some tough questions about why. Is it realistic for you? Are you eating foods that you hate to eat? Are you finding yourself binge eating because you’re going without something you love? is there an underlying reason why you keep falling off the wagon that has nothing to do with the junk food you’re reaching for?

3. Do you have good exercise habits that you love

Are you pushing yourself to do the kinds of exercise that don’t serve you? If you enjoy running, why do yoga and if you love dancing, why make yourself lift weights? If you’re not loving the exercise, it won’t be easy to keep the habit up.

4. Check your intentions for doing this

Is your success needed because you want to feel better about yourself? Or do you want to feel better because of other people? If your intentions are not about you, you might need to gently reframe that.

You want to enjoy the journey, it’s the fastest way to get to your goal. I hope the 4 mindset hacks above help you on your way to your winning weight-loss journey!

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