Do you have any self-reflection time during a year, month, week, or day?  

Taking time out for self-reflection is something I only started doing a few years ago. My brain was always in constant go-mode. There was always something to do and putting time aside to sit and ponder about life with a hot chocolate in hand was not high on my list of priorities at all. That was until I realized how valuable reflection and introspection were to help me become a better person, strategize and improve my life in general. Sometimes you have an epic year, month, or week – and other times, you just don’t. It’s just not as great as you thought it would be. I found that I got clarity when I took the time to reflect and I could change my approach to things that weren’t working. Here are 7 self-reflective questions to ask yourself:

1.What are you choosing to do differently this year/month/week to make it a great year/month/week for yourself?
2. Who do I need to become to do the things I want to do and accomplish what I’m setting out for this year/month/week?
3. How can I focus more this year/month/week than I did last year/month/week? Ie. Where are the places in my life that need my attention the most?
4. What can I change to make this year/month/week different from the last one?
5. What can I drop or let go of? Ie. Are there tolerations in my life that I can eliminate or remove my energy from?
6. What support do I need to perform the way I intend to, and how can I give it to myself?
7. What am I wasting time and emotion on that really does not matter anymore?
8. How can I incorporate more self-care into my daily/weekly time or routine? Ie. What self-care habits do I need to build so I can do them regularly?

If you make a habit of asking yourself these questions whenever you have time for reflection, I’m pretty sure you will learn stuff about yourself that you didn’t know before.


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