What does your idea of a balanced life look like?

A balanced life will look different for every person. Sometimes we can’t do what’s socially suggested and that’s ok. Mine is different when I’m in a busy season vs when I am having stable weeks. When I worked in corporate finance, I was always chasing a deadline and a balanced life was non-existent. This is exactly why I’ve put boundaries in place to ensure I don’t go down that road again. I know that I perform at my best when I’m doing things daily that help move me toward my vision and keep me stress-free.

For eg, when I became a mother to a newborn – there was no such thing as getting enough sleep even though I know 7-8 hours a night is best for productivity. Actually, I didn’t get enough sleep for the first two years of his life because I couldn’t get the sleep training thing right. When I’m focused on bulk-creating content or intense coaching programs with clients, I work a lot more than when I have weeks of normal work days. Another example – I know having a weekly date night is highly recommended in a marriage. But it’s not practical in my house because my husband travels a lot for work. So we do quarterly holidays instead, where we connect with no distractions.

This is why I say it’s different for everyone. Your circumstances and choices will mold the kind of balanced life you lead. With that being said, here are 6 ways to create a balanced life that work no matter what your schedule or routine, or lifestyle looks like.

1.Write down goals and plan your weeks

I’m always preaching about the importance of goals, but I truly believe it’s a game-changer when you do it properly. You go into your week focused, you’ve prioritized and scheduled the most important tasks so you aren’t stressed or worried about falling behind on anything. Plan for the washing and ironing, plan for studying, plan for the social media time. It takes away so much overwhelm.

2. Stop procrastinating

Those tasks you keep putting off, that thing you’re supposed to do for 3 weeks now – just get it over with. Do it, delegate it, or eliminate it. We spend so much time procrastinating on something and equal amounts of time worrying about it not being done.

3. Take small actions daily

Maybe you’ve got a massive mission or a lot to get through. But getting snowed under a million tasks is not how you perform productively. That saying about eating the elephant one bite at a time is true here. Breaking down tasks into small actions also helps you become more present in your day, and helps you to become more self-aware. Continuing to do that is how you master your life. But it has to start somewhere.

4. Practice gratitude

So important for living a good life. Incorporate gratitude as part of your morning routine or set aside a few minutes a day to actively practice it. You live life from a different perspective when you have a grateful heart. The big issues aren’t issues anymore. Your mental health improves tenfold and you bring joy to every single day.

5. Get your daily water intake

Water has so many health benefits. Staying hydrated is a must when you have busy days. It also aids in digestion and helps to reduce stress overall. Not to mention how beautiful your skin looks and feels when you get in your daily amount. If you’re going to be busy, you may as well be hydrated while doing it!

6. Follow your heart and listen to your body

This last one sounds like something out of a fairytale. We often carry our emotions in our bodies. Our bodies are the first to hear the thoughts we think. The first to react to the stress we put ourselves under. So if you’re not sure about how you’re feeling – listen to your body. Are you getting any unusual headaches or rashes? Do you have a toothache all of a sudden? Maybe you haven’t had an appetite all week and you don’t know why.

I enjoyed writing this blog post so much, because learning how to live a balanced life used to be something very foreign for me. I had no idea that I was stopping myself from living to my full potential just by taking on too much and having a demanding career that I always put first. We often feel like we have no choice and that we’re letting the people close to us down by not being extra – but nothing could be further from the truth. We are the only people who’s expectations we need to manage. The world will still go on if you pause, take a break and plan your days properly.


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