Have you learned any important lessons during your Life’s journey?

I was curled up on my couch with the most amazing vanilla and cinnamon latte yesterday.  And I had some time to reflect. One of my favorite quotes goes something like this “Never stop learning because life never stops teaching”. If I could emphasize anything I’ve learned, it would be these 6 important life lessons that changed the way I think about my life.

1.Everything in my life is MY responsibility

Your power lies in taking complete and total responsibility for your life. Dreams, goals, failures – they’re all on you (harsh but true). Your success and way of life are on you. Your relationships are on you. I spent too long in victim mode. Obviously, at the time, I didn’t know better. But now that I do, I know that nobody else is responsible for anything that I experience. If I want something, I am the only one who can make it happen. And if I don’t want something, it’s all on me to make another choice and follow through with that choice.

2. My intuition will always lead me in the right direction

Call it a gut feeling, call it being self-aware, call it your Inner Being – however you choose to describe it, know that it’s a real thing and you can’t ignore it. Spend time connecting to it, building a relationship with it, and nurturing it. You know you’ve reached the highest point when the voice on the inside becomes way louder than the voices on the outside. Abraham says our only work in life should be that we become one with our Inner Being – because that’s when life is the most magical. Our Inner Beings live in our vortex (vibrational reality where everything we want has happened already) and our ONLY job, is to get to where that is. I’ve found when I listen to my inner voice, I am the happiest, most joyous, confident, loving, awe-inspired version of myself. My creativity flows and there is no limit to how good life gets.

3. Giving up on myself is NEVER an option

You’re here to take care of you and look out for you. To be your own best friend and give yourself the best life you could possibly have. You’re here to be your biggest cheerleader and to lean on when things don’t go as planned. You’re here to never give up on yourself. Whatever dream you have, you can make it come true. No matter how big or small it is.

4. Following my dreams is the bravest thing I’ve ever done

Living a mediocre life is something so many people do, just because it’s easier to sit back and let life happen. Following your dreams takes strength, courage, determination and grace. It makes you a warrior. Never let anyone discount the fact that you wake up every morning, day after day and go after what you want with the heart of a lioness. You’re among the few in the world who do it, and that my friend is a big thing and should be celebrated every chance you get.

5. Fear is only my ego protecting me and keeping me in my comfort zone

If you’re fearful of taking action to move forward, recognize that fear comes from old beliefs and trauma patterns that you’ve kept inside for years. Honor it and what it’s trying to tell you, but don’t stay stuck in it. Take uncomfortable action and move forward anyway. You are worth it.

6. Falling in love with myself is how the rest of the world falls in love with me

Self-worth is a way of life. It’s a habit that needs to be practiced and nurtured every day, so you can get better at it. If you want the best, exciting relationships and experiences – give them to yourself first. Work on how you see yourself in this world. You are too important not to.

I have so many other lessons I’ve learned along the way, and so many that I’m sure I will learn in the future. But instead of being fearful of the unknown now, I look forward to the lessons and embrace them. This life is for me, and I am so grateful every single day that I get to do it with the people I love and the amazing community I’ve created. If you want to be part of our Feminine Power Life Coaching Community, sign up for the email list here. It’s a one-on-one conversation in your inbox every few weeks about topics that matter to keep you looking ahead and building that life you love so much.




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