My morning routine is one thing I have learned to get consistent with over the years. I am convinced it has contributed the most to my success and overall emotional well-being in Life. If nothing else, it has helped me begin with an open, clear, positive mind and feeling well-grounded to tackle the day ahead. Of course, not every day goes well. Life happens sometimes. And I do have mornings where I’m overwhelmed or just don’t feel like doing anything. On days like those, I listen to my mind and body and leave my morning routine out. But I always, always start fresh the next day. Because I know that consistency breeds success. Be it exercise, gratitude, going to bed at 8:00 pm – whatever the habit is. Consistency is where the magic happens. Below I list 5 ways to become a Champion of your Morning Routine.

These steps have helped me build a good morning routine I love and look forward to every day.

1. Accountability. When building a new routine, or any habit – hold yourself accountable by making a list or using a Habits tracker App on your cellphone. This helps you to tick your routine items off when you do them so you don’t need to keep remembering them. This also helps you to measure and track your progress with certain things. It comes in handy when you have a progressive habit like an exercise goal or want to drink a certain amount of water every day.

2. Motivation. How do you motivate yourself to stick to your morning routine? You could give yourself little treats. For example, I love rewarding myself at the end of the week if I run for half an hour every day. There is usually a beautiful chocolate croissant calling my name on a Saturday morning! You could also use tracking your progress as motivation. Example. Do 50 sit-ups a day the first week, move to 60 sit-ups a day in week 2, and so on. Tracking your progress goes a long way to show your subconscious mind that you can level up.

3. Consistency. No matter what happens on one day, always start your morning routine again the next day. Like I said before, sometimes Life happens. Your progress won’t go out the window with one or two days missed. But it will go out the window if you miss a whole week and don’t start up again.

4. Preparation. This one I learned by trial and error. I’m a mum to a toddler and a wife to a busy husband. Besides my coaching practice and previous corporate career, I cook almost daily and bake a few times a month. This is in between everything else I do. Being prepared for meals and groceries went a long way to ensuring I created the space to have a morning routine. I plan meals at the beginning of the week. I do the grocery shopping every 2 weeks. Breakfasts and lunches are prepped the night before. I plan time to feed my toddler breakfast because I know he loves me to. Then I go for my run. This might take time and need tweaking, but see what works for you and your family, your career, and your daily regime. Preparation goes a long way in creating space for yourself.

5. Happiness. Don’t start a habit that you won’t enjoy. Why take a yoga class to get some exercise when a gym workout appeals to you more? Why force yourself to drink 3 Liters of plain filtered water when you prefer the taste of water with a few strawberries and mint in it? See, habits only stick when you start to love them. Play around with things that work for you.

I hope these 5 Ways to become a Champion of your Morning Routine inspire you to come up with a routine that you love and that works for you. Start doing a morning routine consistently for 30 days and notice the massive improvements in your life, especially for your mental well-being. You can thank me later!

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