What is your definition of success?

Is it a well-paying job, house, car, or beautiful holidays at exotic locations? Or running a business empire, or working hard? What about living simply, peacefully, and happily? The meaning of success is very different for each of us. One person’s idea of success might look like someone else’s idea of torture. The culture we live in has a funny way of defining it. In my experience throughout my youth, the people who had “made it” were the ones who had first-hand rights to shiny objects. We always had to hear about how “so and so was doing so well”, how many new things another person had etc. I held steadfast to that definition for a very long time. It wasn’t until I dove into personal development and started doing inner work, that I questioned all of it. And made up my own definition. These are the 5 things I believe you need to know about being successful.

1.We’re all allowed to co-exist peacefully

I came here to live my life the way I choose to, and others came to live their lives the way they choose to. As long as they don’t cross over into my lane, I am good. And as long as I stay in my own lane, I am good too.

2. Don’t hold yourself back by being the version of yourself everyone prefers

We do this often. We want approval from others and we want to be loved by them. So we become the version of ourselves that we think they will approve of. We play small and we play safe. We push ourselves into a box based on what we think they will do and say to us. Often, I mention it – but I realized this in my first year of being an entrepreneur. I allowed my fear of what others thought to keep me stuck and procrastinating because it was safe and easy and comfortable. I would rather have been the version of myself they were used to dealing with, instead of embracing the version of myself I was growing into.

3. Uncomfortable action is necessary sometimes – because you have limiting beliefs you haven’t dealt with

I’m totally someone who gets aligned before taking action. But there are some things I can’t find any alignment with. And when this happens, I know it’s because I’ve not been successful in removing the limiting belief behind it. I’ve learned to recognize this for what it is and take teeny tiny actions. Then the big, scary thing isn’t so big and scary anymore.

4. Don’t allow anyone to make you feel like you are not good enough

Psychology teaches that we project onto other people. So if someone is causing you to have a negative reaction, chances are – they’re just mirroring back to you what you have going on inside. But sometimes this isn’t the case. If you’ve explored and done the inner work, and it’s still going on, then what’s actually happening is they’re reacting because it’s bringing out something in them that they don’t understand or want to work through.

5. Know that the chances you take to follow your dreams is a path not many dare to walk

Deciding to pursue a path as an entrepreneur is easy for some, and difficult for others. You are stuck in a loop where you’re listening to everyone, but also working on believing in yourself. It’s a huge mindset game. Sometimes that road is lonely and it brings up stuff that you’ve never had to deal with before. You have to learn new skill sets, be okay with not knowing where the next paycheck is coming from, handle every kind of emotion under the sun and still be all of the things for everyone around you. But you know what? You took the chance, you bet on yourself and you followed a calling that burns bright. You simply cannot compare any of that to the mediocrity of what others say about it. Starting small takes guts and courage and heart. It’s not for everyone. So honor yourself and acknowledge that.

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