Do you have great receiving skills when it comes to manifesting your desires?

Manifesting a life that you love only works if you know how to receive your desires. So this receiving skill is worth honing if you want to be a successful Conscious Creator. Abraham Hicks says that 99 % of any desire you have is already in your vibrational reality as soon as you think of it and desire it. Your job is to allow it into your physical reality. You do that by getting into the vibrational frequency of your desire. (If you need more info about the science of this, I’ve linked Blog posts below on the topic). There are a few different ways to get yourself to that vibrational frequency. Below are my favorite 4 ways to get better at receiving your desires.

1.Practice gratitude daily

Gratitude is the highest vibrational frequency you can get to on any subject. If you do nothing else but practice it daily, your life WILL change in beautiful ways. (I can personally attest to this). Make a habit of practicing it daily – whether out loud or in written form.

2. Decide that your desire is yours

You need to build an UNSHAKABLE belief that what you’re wanting is yours. What trips most of us up, is that we want something but get caught up in doubt about it. Give the Universe something to work with by practicing your belief skills. Some will come easier than others. I’ve personally found that the small stuff is easier to believe than the “bigger” things so the bigger stuff is where I usually focus my energy.

3. Look for driftwood

The term ‘driftwood’ was coined by Abraham Hicks to illustrate things/experiences that appear in physical reality to show you’re getting closer to your desire. (Picture logs drifting past you in the ocean to let you know an island is nearby). Example. If you have been wanting that pair of diamond earrings, and you suddenly see it in the mall, or If you’ve been wanting a beautiful new car and you see it everywhere on the road. This is driftwood. 

4. Practice receiving your desire

The fastest way to get into the vibrational frequency with any desire is to practice the feelings of having it now. Go test-drive that car so you know what it feels like. Go view that new house and plan your furniture for it. Commute to your new job so you know what it feels like when you get it. All these exercises are SO powerful to show the Universe you’re in alignment with what you want.

Resistance plays its own part in the manifesting of any desire, so even though you might be doing all these things – you might not see any action if you’ve got resistance to what you want. Don’t forget to work on releasing your resistance if you haven’t seen any movement.

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