How much focus do you put on your personal growth?

Over the years, I’ve learned that I am not completely fulfilled as a human if I don’t put some sort of focus on my personal growth. I’ve been in enough development courses and seminars to know that progress is what every human craves. Progress can come in any form – health, wealth, relationships, careers, spirituality, or even shiny objects. There’s nothing wrong with what each person considers personal growth. We are all here to co-exist peacefully. I’m allowed to want what I want, the same way you are allowed to want what you want. No matter what shape or form that personal growth (or progress) comes in, there are 4 things you need for personal growth to be achievable.

So I usually design a few goals around this area every year. I give it the attention it needs. Sometimes it looks like me working on my mindset about business or money. Other times it’s reading a few books so I can learn, or taking new courses. I am always striving to learn more so I can grow as an individual. My mindset is the number 1 thing for my personal growth. But my journey doesn’t look like someone else’s. Maybe your idea of personal growth or progress is to advance in your career, so you put most of the focus on doing well at work, getting promotions and increases, and finding your dream role. Maybe your idea of progress is to build a beautiful, balanced, happy family that eats properly and takes care of themselves. No matter how different it is, any type of growth or progress has these 4 things in common:

1. Change in Mindset

Any thought leader says in order for you to move forward with anything, the first thing that has to change is your mindset. If you’re attempting to lose weight or start a business, get married, or find a new job. Whatever it is, you have to approach it with a different mindset than the one you currently have. Let’s face it – if you had an abundance mindset, you would already be abundant in all areas of your life and nothing would need to change. The same goes for anything else you want. Mindset is always first.

2. Change in Habits

Using my weight-loss analogy, here again, if you had a goal of progress in your health, some of your current habits need to change. You will probably have to consult a nutritionist or dietician, drink more water, eat differently, and prioritize exercise or mental well-being – something different from what you are currently doing if you want to progress in this area. You have to change some of your daily habits for them to compound into an overall increase in health if that’s what you want.

3. Change in Focus

When you have a new goal, dream, or something you want to do, you show up differently. You show up adopting the identity of the person you want to become. That means you take action from the dream. You become the woman who has what she wants. Maybe that means you walk around every day like someone who is getting married. Or maybe it means you shop like someone who has hit her health goals. Your focus changes to become that person already. The universe gives us what we vibrate, so adopting that identity is a surefire way to get what we want to come to us as soon as possible.

4. Determination

Failure, procrastination, and resistance are all part of growing. Taking uncomfortable action with something you’ve never done before is part of the process. I found this out when I made the move to start my coaching business full-time. Quickly, I realized that had to stop wearing a corporate employee hat and start wearing an entrepreneur’s hat. It was a skill I needed to build because I wasn’t any good at it at first. I told myself stories that I wasn’t cut out for it because I knew nothing about sales and marketing. Serving the world was my mission, not getting bogged down trying to grow my social media following and whatever else new businesses needed to do. What I found, was that I could learn anything. I could learn a new skill. It wasn’t something I couldn’t do just because I had never done it before. And this is where the determination comes in. On your growth journey, you will be faced with so much uncertainty. Your determination and resilience are what ensure you get what you want.

When you have these 4 things, your personal growth will be successful. No matter what size, shape, or form it comes in.

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