We all love a good self-love journey here at the Feminine Power Blog.

Any personal development coach (me especially) will tell you how important it is on your path to making your dreams come true and living a life you absolutely love. Here are 4 things to remember on your self-love journey.

Self-love includes self-care, self-worth, self-esteem, self-acceptance, and basically all the things self-related. It includes complete and total acceptance for the Human Being that you are on this Earth journey of yours. I’m talking about going much deeper than your surface-level spa days and facials. You need to forgive yourself for past mistakes. You need to let go of any regrets you have about your life. And you need to love yourself –  deeply, unconditionally, truly.

1.Give yourself kindness, support, and care before you give it to others

You know that you can’t pour from an empty cup. And too often, in our relationships, we put ourselves last. This makes us angry and resentful as time goes on. Know and cultivate your own boundaries so you have enough time and space to give yourself what you need first.

2. Resting or taking a break doesn’t mean you’ve failed at anything

I know this one is difficult for most. I always come up against it when I have a creative block or I’m uninspired and I just need a time-out. We live in a culture of progress and we tend to believe that taking any time for ourselves to rest means we’re coming up short somewhere. This is a limiting belief. There’s no fire, no tornado, and no natural disaster that’s going to happen if you rest. Truly.

3. The approval and opinion of others have no impact on your worth or value

I will keep saying it. You don’t need to be smart enough, sophisticated enough, fake enough, or people-please enough for ANYONE. Your worth and value are locked in already, just because you’re here. You don’t need any other reason. You hold an infinite amount of value, just as you are. And you are more than enough, just as you are.

4. You don’t need to explain your dreams and wants to the world

De-conditioning needs to happen here because we carry this belief that we need to justify ourselves to every Sue and Mary-Jane we come across. No. Not now, not ever. Hold those dreams, goals, and desires close to your heart. You don’t owe anyone anything.

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