Let’s face it

To-do lists are not exciting but necessary to get things done sometimes. I’ve been making lists ever since I was a little girl. They were my saving grace, especially when going on a holiday overseas or starting a new project. In recent years, when I dove deeper into my self-improvement, I learned a few ways to make them work better for me. Below, I’ve listed 4 Amazing “D” Hacks to Tackle Your To-Do List, but let’s first talk about why you should be making regular to-do lists.

  • They play a huge part in helping productivity and efficiency 
  • They help you not to lose the plot when there are a ton of things going on or when you have a big project
  • You’re more easily motivated to tick things off the list (I am addicted to ticking things off my to-do list because I build in rewards afterward)
  • They reduce stress, anxiety and improve mental health
  • They’re a great way to track and measure your progress with anything
  • And if we’re being honest – people who habitually use to-do lists are a lot less overwhelmed than people who don’t



You don’t need to do everything on your to-do list by yourself. If you look really hard, there are some things you can delegate to others. Are you hosting a dinner party where you’re making 3 kinds of starters, mains, and 2 different desserts by yourself? I’m sure someone coming to that dinner party can make a dish for you.


Ever heard of the Pareto Principle? 80 % of the outcome of something usually comes from 20 % of the inputs of that particular thing. Is there anything on your list that is not necessary to be done urgently? Sit down and rank your tasks on a scale of 1-10. Anything below an 8 is not urgent and can be deferred for another time. Anything you rank above an 8 is what’s going to move the needle forward.


If you’re honest with yourself, there are many things on that to-do list that drain your energy and are time-wasters. Eliminate those tolerations if you can. If they don’t benefit you or your environment in any way, are they necessary? Drop them.

4. DO

Sometimes procrastinating on something requires way more effort than actually doing the thing. I’ve witnessed people complain for hours about something that took them 30 minutes to do. If you can’t delegate, defer or drop it – then just put your head down, crank up some good music and get it done. The quickest way over something is through it!

If you decide to implement these, I’d love to hear how it helped you. Please pop me a message to let me know how you get on.


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