Do you have a healthy gut? 

A few years ago, I didn’t even know what this was. I had healthy eating habits overall but had no idea that my gut health was so important too. After having tummy issues and undergoing numerous scopes and doctors’ bills, I had to start doing my own research because doctors couldn’t find the cause. I ended up going for a food intolerance test, and as it turns out – I was intolerant to a lot of the foods I was consuming. Dairy, gluten, peanut butter, oats, and even apples (apples of all things!). I also found 3 things I believe you need for a healthy gut.

Leaving all these food items out of my diet has not been easy, but solved so many issues for me. I had to learn how to build and sustain new habits, but I was determined to do it because my health means so much to me. I don’t feel sluggish or bloated anymore, or like I’ve eaten too much or too little. My sugar cravings are almost non-existent (I say almost because I’m still very much in love with beautiful desserts, but that won’t change).

1.Raw liquid-form probiotics

A daily probiotic plays a huge role in a person’s diet. Besides helping the body to digest food more easily, they prevent UTIs, restore good bacteria in your body, clear up problem skin – and so many other amazing benefits. Taking this is now part of my morning routine and I don’t skip it.

2. Glutamine

L-Glutamine is a very important amino acid and one of the building blocks of protein. Since it’s found in many foods, generally we get enough of it. But since I can’t eat half of those foods now, I have to supplement with pure L-glutamine powder. It’s also become part of my morning ‘shooter’.

3. Water

This one seems obvious, but it’s very overlooked. I’ve learned the importance of getting my 3 Liters of water in every day. The key for this to work is consistency. In summer I change it up and infuse with fruit, mint and other yummy flavors. In winter, I have more flavored teas. But I don’t end my day until I’ve consumed my 3 liters. Besides improving a digestive system, consistent water intake is also so good for skin, hair and overall energy. Being a runner, it also helps me stay hydrated during the day when my morning run has taken it all out of me!

So besides changing my diet, I’ve incorporated these 3 things into my daily routine. I would advise you to visit a medical practitioner first if you’re having gut issues, because it could be any number of things. But chances are, an unhealthy gut usually points to something in our diet. Make the changes you need to make, because you have to take care of yourself first.

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