Do you have an amazing morning routine?

One that makes you excited to wake up every day and do it? In every single success biography or memoir I’ve read, the author always has a killer morning routine they love. One that is not negotiable, no matter how big of an empire they have. After I had my son in 2020 and covid hit, I had to get deliberate about my morning routine. Mostly to stay sane. Partly because I had a new lease on life and I wanted to level up with what I could offer the world. Before this, I had a routine, but it wasn’t in the least bit as healing as it is now. I tried many things, and I’m happy to say I have a deliberate routine now that I love and one that serves to ground me in my day. This blog post covers 10 ideas for creating your own morning routine that you can do.

See, a morning routine is more than just a fancy way to start your mornings. It’s where your daily healing takes place. Your commitment to yourself, to be fully present in the moment and absorb your life happens here. Your intentions are set and the daily maintenance of your well-being happens here. Once you start your day, things get busy. You need to anchor yourself first. If you don’t have one already, I want to invite you to try it for a month. Notice if there is any difference in how you show up for your day, after dedicating 5 – 60 minutes every morning to being alone with yourself.


Moving your body every morning isn’t just great for your abs, it also does wonders for your mental health. Try going for a morning run, doing an online yoga class, or 10 minutes of stretching if you don’t fancy going to the gym.

2. Journaling

Commit to doing a few minutes of journaling every morning. Whether that’s about how you feel, what you have on your mind, or even scripting for the future (my favorite!). Journaling is one of THE most powerful self-growth tools. Not to mention how much you can learn about yourself just from jotting daily thoughts down.

3. Meditation

Meditating has various health benefits. Increased concentration, improved focus, and better mental health overall. Not to mention it puts you on a natural high every time you do it. The reason I love it is because it helps to stop the momentum of any thoughts I am currently having. When we wake up, we start thinking about something immediately. Usually, it’s a topic we’ve thought about the previous day. Adding more momentum to those thoughts is very unhelpful if it’s a negative topic. Meditation forces you to stop thinking and focus on clearing your mind. What better way to stop the negative momentum of a subject you shouldn’t be giving attention to?

4. Breathwork

Learning breathwork techniques is a useful tool to improve your mental, physical or emotional state. It’s also proven to have therapeutic effects on those who practice it daily. Doing 5 minutes of breathwork is just as beneficial as any other tool to help ground you in the moment.

5. Listen to a great song

If you don’t already have a morning playlist, you should definitely get one. Feel-good songs are a great way to start the day. My toddler is now in the habit of starting his day with Adam Levine’s Good Mood from Paw Patrol. And he loves it every day. Of course, credit has to go to his mama, the Life Coach who is making sure he builds these beautiful healthy habits!

6. Plan your day

So much of overwhelm can be mitigated just by planning properly. If it’s lunches and dinners you’re responsible for, try planning a menu for the week to take the guesswork out of it. If you have a busy day filled with meetings, plan your breaks and set alarms so you have a few minutes in between to breathe before the next one starts. Planning has helped me so much to prioritize the important stuff so I get the needle moving on the things that matter most. Otherwise, every day is spent putting fires out.

7. Make a Gratitude list

This one goes hand in hand with my morning journaling. Every morning I make a fresh new list of 10 things I’m grateful for. Past, present, or future. It’s your list, your rules and you get to decide what helps you to feel gratitude more deeply.

8. Listen to a Podcast

Listening to someone who motivates you every morning is a massive game changer for your mindset. It will help you reframe the day. I am a part of the Growth Day community and I listen to Brendon Burchard’s Daily Fire every morning. Much of my inspiration comes from this little nugget of daily wisdom that I listen to.

9. Appreciate someone

Choose a different person every day to appreciate. Send them a DM, a thoughtful text, an email, or a voice note to let them know how much you appreciate them and why.

10. Choose a word you want to be

I can’t tell you how powerful it’s been for me to set an intention to show up as a word every day. My more popular choices include the words “productive, happy, joyful, efficient, focused, and present”. Set an intention to show up as a word every day. It reinforces the reminder that we get to be who we choose to be.

I hope these ideas have inspired you to come up with your own morning routine that you love.


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